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White Horse

George StatueThe white horse goes back to Ancient Greek mythology (the Pegasus). White horses are present in other cultures used symbolically, appreciated as creatures of great grace and beauty.

Robert E. Lee’s Traveller was a grey. USC’s Traveler is chalk white and is chosen to symbolize Troy as the school calls themselves Trojans. (Of course the Ancient Greeks had slaves so why not prohibit the name Trojans for USC as it symbolizes slavery.)

America is overflowing with insane activist groups…….literally demented, and ignorant, and dangerous.

Black Student Assembly: USC Equine Mascot Possibly Racist
by AWR HAWKINS19 Aug 2017974
The Black Student Assembly (BSA) at USC claims the school’s equine mascot, Traveler, could have ties to racist ideology.
BSA bases this claim on the fact that Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s favorite horse was named Traveller.

According to the Los Angeles Times, BSA co-director Sophia Jackson asked that students not be quiet about the possible racist overtones. Rather, she would have them remember “white supremacy hits close to home.”

The tradition of the “chalk-white Arabian horse” mascot began 56 years ago when Richard Saukko rode one named Traveler around the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Traveler was a former movie horse that had “turned mean,” allowing Saukko to acquire him cheaply. And from that first ride 56-years ago till now, a horse named Traveler has been a USC staple.

Richard Saukko died in 1992, but the LA Times contacted his widow about the current claims of racism. Saukko’s former wife said, “The problem is this: maybe three weeks ago it was fine. So now the flavor of the day is…we all have to be in hysteria…It’s more of a political issue. The horse isn’t political and neither am I.”

Nevertheless, the BSA wants Traveler done away with. But a USC spokesman pointed out that this Traveler is spelled with one “l” versus the two “l’s” in General Lee’s horse on purpose. This is because Traveler’s roots stretch back to the time of Trojan warriors, which was long before the time of Confederate Democrats. Moreover, the spokesman added, “USC’s Traveler is and always has been a proud symbol of Troy.”


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