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W and O on same page

Obama and Bush

W uttered not a word during the 8 years of O…..as the socialization of the country ran amok, massive lying about Obamacare and other policies, U.S. geopolitical stature disintegrated, Defense stretched and bled and support and capabilities declined, economic growth never touched 3% in the entire eight years (unprecedented!), labor participation rate plunged…. Jobs lost, energy policy destructive to the economy and jobs, climate change treaty a rip off of the American citizens, deficits/debt run up at an unprecedented rate to unprecedented heights, class envy and racial conflict and hatred was encouraged from the White House, DOJ ever more corrupt, …Read more »

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Social Security Broke

Social Security Will Be Paying Out More Than It Receives In Just Five Years.  The false assumption concerning Social Security solvency is that the solution will be fiscally responsible. The main advantage of the government over private industry is the ability to expand the money supply and increase the deficit. My bet on the repeal of ObamaCare replacement is that ObamaCare will not be repealed but patched up with a megaton of new dollars provided to states and insurance companies to keep it going. This patchwork quilt will be labeled something else but as with all entitlements it will not …Read more »

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Economics 2017

The future is bleak for the USA and some sort of “break-up”, or breakdown, is coming…….a discontinuity but not a good one for producing domestic peace and prosperity, not good for continuing the effort “to secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity”.  But a return to real growth spread across the land and for all or most of the people is not happening…… just look at the stats for family income over recent decades and the serious divide between some sectors and participants (quintile) flourishing vs the rest in the middle class and in the hopeless urban …Read more »

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Fiscal Bloodbath

David Stockman: Get Ready for a Fiscal Bloodbath; Trump is Clueless | Fox Business. David Stockman: We are heading into an absolute fiscal bloodbath  Former President Reagan Budget Director David Stockman on the need to tackle America’s mounting national debt.  Former Reagan Budget Director David Stockman has issued a dire warning about President Trump and the battle over the nation’s $20 trillion debt ceiling.  “We are heading into an absolute fiscal bloodbath,” he told the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo.

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Trump’s Energy Revolution

So what is the pipeline dispute really about? Political expediency in a White House that does not see itself as being bound by the rule of law. The Obama administration has decided to build a political legacy rather than lead the country. It is facilitating an illegal occupation that has grown wildly out of control. That the economy depends on a consistent and predictable permitting regime seems never to have crossed the president’s mind. Trump’s Energy Revolution Can’t Come Soon Enough.  The Obama administration caved into environmentalists protests to stop work on a 1,000 mile-plus Dakota Access pipeline that starts in …Read more »

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WikiLeaks email

http://video.foxnews.com/v/5172582969001/judge-jeanine-will-you-have-a-place-in-clintons-america/?#sp=show-clips Rolling Justice Roberts A Clinton ally reveals how the left played the Chief on ObamaCare.  The WikiLeaks email disclosures make fascinating reading about the political calculations of leading progressives, and Chief Justice John Roberts may want to pay particular attention. This week’s leaks show Hillary Clinton ally Neera Tanden laying out a strategy to intimidate the Supreme Court to uphold ObamaCare. Ms. Tanden runs the Center for American Progress, the think tank that is essentially an arm of the Clinton campaign. CAP’s former chief, John Podesta, is now the Clinton campaign chairman, and on June 2, 2015 Ms. Tanden sent …Read more »

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Dead Broke

Kotlikoff: America “Dead Broke” – $199 Trillion in the Red It’s no secret that Social Security is underfunded, but the extent of the problem is glossed over by politicians and the media.  This time on Financial Sense, we speak with Dr. Laurence Kotlikoff, William Fairfield Warren professor at Boston University and author of 19 books, about his study of the Social Security problem and his write-in candidacy for the presidential race.

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Free Stuff’ to Buy Votes

Corporate conservatives have taken notice of the Bernie Sanders campaign, and have started accusing him of “buying votes” by “promising” “free stuff.” Is it true? Here are some examples of what the corporate/billionaire-funded right is saying: ● American Thinker, “Surprise: Bernie Sanders’s free stuff will be very expensive for you!“ Avowed socialist, pretend independent, wannabe Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is promising lots of free stuff for Americans – and anyone else in the country, legally or not – if he is elected. Free health care! Free education from pre-pre-school through post-post-college. Free family leave. ● TownHall, “Newsflash! Bernie Sanders …Read more »

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Budget Policies

Balanced Budget Amendment In January 2009, our public debt was $11.9 trillion. Now, it’s more than $18 trillion. Interest payments on the debt now total about $250 billion, the 3rd single biggest item in the federal budget. We must ratify a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution in order to restore fiscal responsibility to the federal government’s budget. The career politicians in Washington have demonstrated beyond even a shadow of a doubt that they won’t get serious about balancing the budget and paying down the debt until we MANDATE that it be done by constitutional amendment. Each generation’s greatest responsibility …Read more »

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Change Policies

Ted Cruz has spent a lifetime fighting to defend the Constitution — our nation’s founding document and the supreme law of the land — which was crafted by our founding fathers to act as chains to bind the mischief of government and to protect the liberties endowed to us by our Creator. Source: TedCruz.org Religious Liberty Defended Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties against Obamacare’s contraception mandate. Led the way on several cases including a U.S. Supreme Court case that preserved the words “under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance. Successfully defended the words “under God” in the Texas Pledge …Read more »

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